NTU Exchange Program day4



Day 4 just finished. Today, I went to the international students orientation.

I met up with Kim, and that was it. Now, I'm nervous to make new friends because I can't communicate with people in English.



In NTU, you can see many many cute or beautiful girls, who seem angels or Asian idles. Also, they are slim.



Hmmmmmm. I couldn't carry on conversation with anyone here because I couldn't hear anyone's talking and gave vague answer.



You can't live in Singapore without listtening skills.



Recently, I've taken a rest in my room after pm 6:00. You know, it's comfortable but not too good.



Anyway, immediate goal for me is listtening. Today, I deeply felt taken no notice of international students if I don't understand what they say. I try to study hard to make friends(haha)