Coursera Machine Learning (機械学習)


I've just completed Andrew Ng's "Machine Learning Course" offered by Stanford University, Coursera. Here's a quick review of the course.


1 概要 (Summary)f:id:MOOClearn:20161107193439p:plain



The above slide (actually this slide is used in Andrew's course) may be helpful for you to understand the content of the course. Or plz visit the course info page. First and foremost, you'll learn simple matrix caliculation on MATLAB or OCTAVE. After that, you'll study supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

The flow of the course is like "Lecture video → Quiz → Assignment". If you watch the lecture video, you can answer the quiz and submit assignment.

2 難易度 (Difficulty)



If you see the content of this course, you'll know that this course is for beginner in terms of mathmatics. But as you see my tweets (in Japanese hahah), there is quite tough parts like Neural Netwark's Back Propagation or PCA in the recucing data process. I was really exhausted by these mathmatical expressions. However, don't worry about it too much because the quiz and the assignment are relatively easy.

3 日本語字幕 (Only for Japanese)


Courseraの機械学習のコースに日本語字幕をつけました - 南よ! 海の見える方!


4 締め


最後に、無料でここまで良い講義を提供してくれたAndrew Ng氏、質の高い字幕をつけてくれたkarino2に感謝の念を述べて締めたいと思う。ありがとう。

Time flew so fast. I can't believe that two weeks passed. It makes sense to me that this course is selected as one of the best MOOCs.

Finally, really thanks for Andrew, offering us all over the world this great course, and karino2, creating the high-quality translation.